Projected texture + phong tag?

hi guys,
refering to these threads:
question: how can the projected texture, following 3d geometry be combined with Pong tag?
as e.g. C4D frontal projection mapping does?


isn’t phong tag a way to tell render engine to smooth edges except those generating the object’s silhouette, is it?
The teapot you shown above seems to have a correct frontal mapping (which is something like this: the geometry masks a texture applied to background) with good phong shading.
Could you please explain better?

you right - my fault: not phong tag, but phong shading

in C4D i can keep my phong shading + choose different projection mapping
in my case frontal mapping, which replace existing UV
SLIDE patch from addonpack with ProjectedTexture.fx has function of frontal mapping, but no phong function.
So I wanted to know if it would be possible to combine these two techniques in one shader?
to be able e.g. rotate the teapot and always see undistorted correct frontal mapping with additional phong lighting.
cheers, dimi