Projected texture geomfx

looking for a projected texture geomfx,
is there a way to get rid of the distorsion using viewprojection on uv_coords ? (3.1 KB)

is someone interested in writing/providing a projected texture geomfx node for beta?
willing to pay as comission, it has been missing forever and it is important to many workflows

Can you elaborate a little what inputs and outputs you want? Also projected coords are normally applied on pixel shader, since you want them per pixel to reduce interpolation artefacts, otherwise your mesh has to be quite decently tessellated

The problem with geometry shader going to be that you are going to need to specify input and output geometry layout, for instance it will work only with meshes that have position, tex coords and normals, other stuff will be ignored and not exported

what the projected texture node would need is

  • view, projection and geometry inputs
  • geometry output
    this is ment for use of arbitrary viewprojections with things like superphysical, i.e. for paralax mapping scenarios