Project-Running 3 video on the same renderer

Hi, i asked for some help some time ago (btw, thanks to danielmatch who really helped me out), it all worked out well, the only thing that i can’t manage to do is making 3 videos (via filestream) running on the same renderer. The 3 videos have to run when one of the 3 buttons is pressed, so button1=video1, button2=video2, button3=video3, as i said, on the same renderer. If this is not possible i ask you if there’s any way to make this possible by switching automatically the 3 renderers when a video is played on it. Thanks again, i hope you can help me :)

hey basasa,

Do you want your videos to run at the same time so they would all be displayed next to each other ? Or do you want to “replace” the previously running video soon as a new button is pressed (and display only one on your screen) ?

my idea is to replace it with the next video and display one at a time in the renderer (if having the actual patch would help let me know). Thanks

@basasa sounds not that complicated really. load all 3 files, then play one and getslice the texture. actual patch always helps.

Hi @tgd
im not that good at all so yeah, i thought it would be easy too but i can’t manage to do that, basically i should load all the 3 files in the same filestream then put the getslice in which pin? of the filestream or in the quad in which the filestream is connected to?Final Project.v4p (54.6 KB)

I have stripped the patch to just the button/video part. It uses multiflipflop to change the video index and hit play. the getslice is below the filestream to select the texture of the video that is playing.
play_videos.v4p (10.7 KB)
Also you dont need 3 readers for the arduino data. just spread the index pin. see:


@tgd Ok so, now i feel like a complete retard, i get the patch, thanks a lot, you saved me, but i really feel like my brain is basically useless, so one last question, now that i have those iobox with the 3 buttons, i should pin my 3 input from the firmata board right? because you did a really god job doing it and it all work out smooth, but i don’t in which part of the process i need to plug yours, surely over the 3 play buttons and under the whole firmata read and write process, but since i can’t pin 3 different buttons onto the iobox how can i do it? sorry for being so ignorant, and thanks a lot for your patience.

PS: for being more specific, how can i connect the buttons under the toggle node on your patch?

go from togedge (not the toggle), that should be it. dont forget to spread the digitalread. btw. you can use cons or zip to build a spread “from different ioboxes into one”. look them up and see the help patches.
no need to feel bad. dig documentation, try things out, ask questions like you do, thats learning. cheers

Ok so, i tried that out and the problem is the same, even form togedge, you can’t pin all of the 3 inputs into the iobox (or the multiflipflop under it), and what do you mean to spread the digitalread? is that the problem? cause ive tried to modify the index of the 3 pins and the channels on the arduino uno but it seems like that’s not it,. (im gonna offer you a beer someday)

i meant like this:


Thanks a lot, you really helped me out, i don’t know how to give back the help, for now just accept my greetings

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