Project Onto Moving Objects

Hi all, BCAA, the agency I’m partner at, is looking for solutions/proposals to realize something similar to this :

We already made some research and development in past about this subject as like as experiment with Elliot structured light and so on, actually we are looking for solutions and people able to realize it within a project.

In case of positive pitch we will setup a development team or agree with a preexistent one, depending on technical solution proposed, let us know :)

Thank you a lot.

easy with money
how much you got? :)

Where it’s possible we don’t refere to a preexistent budget, this is one of those lucky cases :)

First we do evaluate technical solution, people and time needed; then a possible flow is planned, integrated with our agency (or not sometimes).
At this time we make out a price to our customer.

At the end of the day if you have a solution and wanna talk about it, let’s think a way everybody is happy with it, the point is to pitch a solution and price it.

hi for research ;)
This was an old version of the BlackTrax System, we used with vvvv - to identify infrared points in space this system works good - but latency ahhh could be better now ;) but could be cool to calibrate projectors with given points from the BlackTrax System - Elliot is the right one
could be work like this - vvvv.tutorials.mapping.3d - our space was not so complex we did the old way

I liked the idea of this BlackTrax Camera Cluster, given Points and a Stage - because in the end projection mapping can be done on the fly - objects can calibrate the Projektors in vvvv and if 3dSpace and RealSpace is calibrated you just have to define the any objects give them some points in 3dSpace and RealSpace - voilà :)
in the end i can say BlackTrax for realtime mapping is good if movement is not to crazy - because dancers sometimes hide infrared points and theire movement is not linear and predicted and and and - so it was not WOW but it’s possible
greetz CeeYaa