Project - GPS Path (early version)

Hi there,

I currently work on a patch visualizing NMEA GPS data. The longitude and latitude coordinates are processed to mercator projection X/Y coordinates. That coordinates plus the GPS height are interpolated using the B-Spline node to add some vertices and smoothing the curves. The width of the path is relative to the GPS speed. The camera movement is in realtime and generated by the LookAt node.

Here is a very early rendering of what I want to achieve: (720p HD @

But I still want to improve the camera flight behaviour. Are there any similar projects, that come into you mind (inspiration)?

How do you like this version? What sucks, what is nice?

Thanks for the feedback,

If you have some CPU left would be cool to do kinda GPS coordinates visualization…maybe in the 3D world as sprites or as data infos displaying in some corner…See what i mean?

I can’t find the origional post, but this was very nice to learn from, based on the Rollercoasterpatch in girlpower. NOT MY WORK.

Looks cool btw :) Your friend a stunt pilot? Weird route for a commercial flight ;)

REAL (13.2 kB)


@ Desaxismundi: Hmmm CPU ressources will be a problem for I want to render heavy amounts of data: Pushing >10.000 coordinate points through B-Spline multiplied by 25 (to gain smooth curves) will be 500.000 vertices. And a hell of a load at the beginning ;D

@ West: Thank you very much for that script. helped me out a bit.

I have made a new improved version: Made the camera a bit lazy (damper) added fog and transparency. What do you think?:


i once searched for that thread also. i think i posted that “real” rollercoaster in that time when the tiki got hacked and all the data wasn’t backed up… thx for posting

(nowadays i would use the wryly version of the b-spline.

Okay, this is kind of the thing I tried to get. Smooth offline rendering at vimeo:

The next step will be sound… stay tuned ;D


I just found the thread west and gregsn were talking about…and at the same time learned more about the great b-spline node :)