Project about laser standalone mode


i am French lighting designer.

I need to make work rgb laser in standalone without computer.
i am visiting the forum and i find board.

The laser :,oasc,pg0.htm

I use Interface ILDA DB25 with software mini ilda v 1.18

If anyone can help or have experience with board
Can tell me if the board work with my laser (compatibility)

How you plug it with actual board of my laser (between or without ilda db25 so directly with the board)

In standalone state witch power supply do use input 220V output 5V/9V/12/24V ?
consumption intensity ?

can i send with my computer in USB and ILDA file (create with mini ilda v 1.18) or ilda animation inside the memory
perhaps in Firmware tab (on minilumax configuration tool v 2.11) i push it with write ini file button or flash ?
or Load show in player tab ?

How much memory in standalone have or how much file can i upload ?

Can i have the price of the board (euro) + shippment (time of delivery) ?

Sorry for all this question but my german is not so good and google translation too.

I also send email to M. Tobias Kroiss E-Mail: (replace at by @) but actualy no answere. If anyone have experience on this board can he share or other solution ready to use because my level in electronic and ILDA is weak.

Best regards.

i have a ilda laser same as yours
no experience at all with the lumax board…
im using a pangolind qs3 , exelent ilda board for the price
the soft have midi imput, you can mix it with vvvv with midiyoke, but forget to make a good dwawing, but you can compose the ilda graphics on quicklasershwow and triguer it with vvvv throug midi, i dont know what you need to do with your installation
with only dmx + vvvv i was able to do this

try to use the address lichtbastler at googlemail com

but in general, i don’t think the lumax board works in standalone mode as you wish… it’s a USB-ILDA adapter, so you need a computer and software to run it, and to my knowledge, can’t upload ilda files to the board to be run directly.

you could use a small pico-computer to control the lumax… but this has very little to do with vvvv - only reason this site comes up when searching for lumax is that v4 has a Lumax node. more on lasers with v4:

so answere :


I am sorry but the Lumax interface has no standalone mode. It needs a computer as controller, so I’m afraid it’s not suitable for you.

Bye, Tobias

dEp you think about a Raspberry pi ?

Good idea but
not aviable actually and is’t really possible to connect Raspberry pi to lumax board ?

or use directly my Interface ILDA DB25 ? but Raspberry pi is on Linux perhaps wine for emulate windows for mini ilda ?

Will it run WINE (or Windows, or other x86 software)?


other solution ASRock PV530-ITX pico-itx but too big about power supply.

Thank all for your answere

for using the raspberry pi as an ilda player, have a look here: