Processing-like 2D primitives


Thanks. I’m already doing that (see the patch attached to my screenshot). But I’m rendering all elements in DX11. I like that approach as I can quickly make changes to stroke width and size without having to go back into another software. It’s most flexible.

I could imagine to switch back to Skia if I manage to solve the performance issue.

ah okey. i also just uploaded an example patch, but probably that is not needed anymore.


btw you can also only evaluate the vl node on startup and store the texture in a renderer temp target then you should not have any performance issues

Well, it’s not entirely static. While the rectangle and circle don’t change the dashed lines and text are updated continuously. Thanks for the tip though.

in that case i would maybe stay in dx11 world in the first place and use craftlie:

due to the object orientad nature of vl you can easily make primitives with outlines by combining a quad with line component… i did that for the UI.Lib here: VL UI Library

Hmmmm … interesting. That would have probably been a better way of doing it compared to what I’ve got right now. It’s perhaps not worth repatching everything in my case though.
And I’m still hoping to get Skia running fast and profit from sharp renderings and beautiful dashed lines.

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