Process in Member Op

imagine having a process node in a member operation of a record.
(in the production patch it was an lfo modulating an alpha value if operation is enabled by some condition)

took a while to get it working, since you seemingly can assign to an, or create a new operation after selecting those nodes. (new operation appears in the sidebar). links stay grey, which didn’t alarm me, since colors sometimes don’t update anyways…
now only after selcting all the crucial links to the process node and assigning them, those links and the pins turn into the op color and the thing start working.
for an lfo eg period/pause has to be in the same operation.

so i guess i’d call it a bug in how the assigment is working:

  • assigning processnode + other nodes and links should at least try to move everything possible to that operation
  • if nothing of the current selection is assigned to a new operation, it shouldn’t tell me that there is one.
  • the mere hint color on the pins, to distinguish if on update or other ops is not really clear. 1 because color drawing is not always reliable, so you learn to ignore that. 2 pins in regions are never the op color, so it doesn’t really attract your attention, if some other pins stay gray instead of the operation color

have a try with the attached (6.2 KB)

hello woei, you have hit a special case where no element is part of a specific operation and the VL compiler just has to guess what belongs where.

pads (also IOBoxes, can be discussed) never belong to an operation because they only represent data. also fragments of a process node will only be assigned to update, if there is an update and then also only if the operation that defines the fragment itself is called update.
the latest beta35.5 tries to assign cases where nothing is clear to update if available.

the solution in your case is that you need to assign any of the links to the operation you want to have it on. assigning links might not be intuitive, but its the only solution to remove all ambiguities in that case.


this is just the stripped down version of a production patch. the real one definitely had nodes and links assigned to an operation already. the output of the process node was connected to a multiply of a member op.

input pins were left on default. i’d argue, that at least for that case the system should be intelligent enough to move the whole process to the assigned operation. since in any other case you have to force it, to have something shared between different operations and the mere hint of the grey pin is not enough to get aware, that some parts of the node are still in another operation

The entries in the assign menu will now be disabled in case they don’t have any effect. This should at least get rid of the confusion you got in the first place - making a marquee selection around elements which can’t be assigned to any operation. One will have to make a selection now where assignable elements are included (links in your case).

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