Problems with TCP (Client node) LANBOX Control

Hi Guys.
I try to connect with Lanbox to TCP (protocol).
The protocol send “enter password :” immediatly the connexion is open.
I respond “777\x0d\x0A” (especific the 777 is the password and \x0D is the carry return in hex and \x0A in hex)
immediatly the sistem respond “connected”,right, the connexion is ok.
The next step is send cue list, enginee,…

Good, I try to implement the patch to acctivate de connexion but I can’t conect the togEdged to TCP (Client) nodo, in pin DO SEND.

I don’t see the problem.

I attach the pacth to try found a solution.


TCP patch 03.v4p (6.3 kB)

Framedelays is what you are looking for.
To understand more about this
see creating-feedback-loops

you might also consider using the lanbox as an ArtNet node if you just need it to output DMX. Then you can use DMX (Network Artnet Sender) without complex setup.

phlegma, thanks, Great point.

sunep, My idea is call only the cuelist and step of Lanbox, and use your properties to make fade in, fade out, crossfade …
If hay use ARTNET I shoud program the transitions, time up, time down, in patch, I beleive it’s more easy.