Problems with mousedriver

I sometimes experience the following problems:

I have installed a mousedriver for my USB-Mouse (Logitech iFeel Mousedriver). v4 works perfectly with that mouse. All 3 keys are doing what they should.

But when I switch back to my internal mouse (IBM ThinkPad X31), then sometimes the following error occur:

  • v4 crashes when I try to get into the node-select menu (right click)

Unfortunatelly just right know I can’t reproduce the error. I will keep an eye on it. Maybe other users are experiencing the same?

Ah, now I can say it exactly:
opening the node menu works perfectly, but the scrolling feature makes the problem. Opening the menu works, but when I try to use IBM ThinkPads mousescrollingwheel feature it crashes. Scrolling in the nodemenu with keys cursor keys - works!

NOTE: before I installed the USB-Mousedriver everything on ThinkPad worked fine.

m. that is really odd. no idea.

but note that you can press SPACE when you have the nodemenu open and a scrollbar appears. if that helps…

hey guys.

i use vvvv special release (based on 9.1) from d&b.
on windows 2k using a ps2 mouse.

i used to work normal, just patching stuff. by accident i pressed more then one mousebutton, i.e. scrollwheel + rightclick and move meanwhile or something suddenly vvvv disappeared without asking if i want to save or something (WAAAAAAH*) @_@.

i can also replicate this problem.