Problems with ImagingSource XGA FireWire Cams

Does anybody have experiences with using the ImagingSource XGA FireWire Cameras with VVVV.
I have a DFK31BF03here and have some stability problems with it/VVVV.

Everything seems to work fine but after a certain time (hours - days) VVVV freezes and TTY-Renderer says “Der Vorgang konnte nicht ausgeführt werden, da der Filterstatus falsch ist”. The time till this error depends on the selected video format, but the error at some time happens with all formats.

The little application that comes with the camera does not have these problems.

Attached a screenshot of the error messages.

Any ideas out there ?


ImagingSourceFireWire.jpg (130.2 kB)

It seems that this problem is solved with beta12.
I tried all video formats for hours and days and did not get any errors or freezes !

Joreg - do you have any Idea, what change in beta 12 could have solved this problem ?

Unfortunatly it is still not possible to save the settings made in the PropertyPage.

I also noticed significant changes/improvements in performance and compatibility of the VideoIn node using analog capture cards with Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets, but there also are some new bugs / strange things. I will do some more detailed testing about this and then post in a seperate thread.


huh…glad i accidentally did something right. it was not on purpose. i had not the slightest idea from your bug description thats why i forgot to answer here. did you also make a directx or graphiccard-driver update recently?

  • saving settings made in the property page
    are you talking about settings that are not also available via the inspektor? then those are non-standard settings that would be really hard to save because it would need individual programming for every single driver. strange though that those drivers don’t save their settings in the registry or somewhere.