Problems with a simple timer and keystrokes?

I want to press the Spacebar and then not be allowed to press space again untill 10 seconds has elapsed at which point I want the Timeliner to reset to 0
so the whole thing’s ready to start again. I also want each time the Spacebar is pressed for this to be counted.

Now I’ve set up the basics but it’s not working, mainly because it seems to be confused by the holding of the spacebar. What do I change
to stop the output being 1 while a key is held?

I’ve attached my problem.

Thanks in advance!

SimpleTimer.v4p (7.7 kB)

like this?

SimpleTimer.v4p (11.5 kB)

Great! Yeah just like that, thanks very much.

Quick question, is it possible to reverse the timer, ie have it as a count down from 10 to 0 rather than 0 to 10?

you can use the powerful node called minus

10-[timer output](timer output)

Sorry, I can’t seem to follow that link?

I’m using an LFO to make the recording text blink when the spacebar is pressed
however I then want it to disappear once it isn’t recording but can’t seem to figure it out? I’m sure it’s simple…

RecordBlink.v4p (25.3 kB)

check out the AND (Boolean) node. also get to know the other nodes you will use all day long as a patcher: FUN

Thanks, I checked out the AND (Boolean) but actually solved my blinking text by just setting the LFO to reverse.
Any pointers in the right direction to have my stop watch count down rather than up?

connect the output of your counter to the subtrahend of the minus node

Worked a treat!

Just in case anyone else is starting out and wants to know the answer.

I created a:

  • (Value) Node

On its input 1 pin I plugged in a value of 10, then I plugged in the output of my Timeliner Node into the input 2 pin of the -(Value) Node, this therefore created the output I wanted, a countdown of 10.

Thanks for the help!