Problems with 4v and behringer

i’ve bought a behringer bcr2000 rotary controller to use it with 4v.
i’ve seen that this model was already tested by other users and i’m trying with 020200\dxnr\tonfilm patch BCR2000-Midicontrol (Devices) help (not the one adapted for bcf2000).
It seems to work both in input and output from 4v; but just for few seconds.Then 4v seems to not receive anymore inputs from the controller, even if the led’s position of the rotary’s stills change as i turn it.The output function from 4v to bcr2000 still work.
I actually have not idea of which the problem could be.
Frist i’ve tryed with the newer driver: version 1111.
Since i’ve encountered the described problem i’ve tried also with 1110 version, but the problem lasts.I’ve set the controller to U-1 modality while installing the driver (as the driver file’s info indicates).
does anyone use bcr2000 with windows xp sp2?
which firmware version are u using, 107 0r 110?

Maybe you can try to do the same tests with the same drivers with midiox , to see if if the data is sent more than few minutes…