Problems using Imgui's "use skia space"

hi all,

got some interesting imgui behaviour when using the “use skia space” pin on the imgui region; (when I activate the “skia pace pin” my skia space topleft corner starts in the middle of the screen and the interface gets giant and somehow pixelated; I had to skia transform the whole interface to match the original layout.

I layouted an imgui menu on a machine with 2160p display and 175% windows scaling. On this machine the interface looks ok. already a little more low res than when not using the pin, but OK.

when opening the patch on a machine with 1080p and 100% scaling it looks like this:

and when opening on a machine with 1440p it looks like this:

any ideas what is happening here?

Idk if it is still the same behaviour/bug but in earlier versions of VL.Imgui it didn’t correctly deal with display scaling and I didn’t really get an answer back when I posted it.

Another thing that might be related is how vvvv deals with window sizes / display scaling in general.
If one saves a window with a size of 1000 x 1000 px at 100% scaling and then opens the patch at 125% for example the window will open with a size of 1250 x 1250 px. Imo this isn’t correct and the size should rather be “absolute”.