Problems of multiscreen on the arcuate wall

Hello,everyone is there any way to correct the arcute multiscreen on a
arcuate wall 。 any suggestion is appreciated,thanks

what’s an arcuate wall?

the wall is not flat,have a angle,and distorted

I ve just done something similar, I basically modelled the wall with Photmodeler, then imported in blender to fix some details, then in vvvv via collada.
On multiscreen I decided it was good enough to use no blending, that was because I also mapped part of the floor and that was pretty tricky.
Don t forget the point editor persistent to get things right in situ, if you can keep the marks you use in Photomodeler then your easily set up.
As a side thought, if the wall is, for example, a semi-cylinder with some distortion, you can always recur to a primitive…

Hi,I do not know how to go on with it yet 。 do you have any exampl pitch,shall I consult it。thank you very much

the grideditor node can be used to map projections to non-planar surfaces. would this work for you?

you can even combine grideditor and multiscreen techniques

Hi keddyfun

I think you need to explain your problem in more detail before anyone will be able to help you out here.

perhaps show a photo of the wall and perhaps also a photoshop image showing what you want to achieve.


undistorting projections

hope it helps (you need the addons pack)

roundish wall.v4p (49.6 kB)