Problems having two streams on DeckLink HD Extreme 3D

Hello vvvvolks

I´ve been given this fancy card: DeckLink HD Extreme 3D, but I´m having problems getting the two streams into vvvv. I only get one stream on one input. Actually I don´t even get the two streams into Blackmagics own software “Blackmagic Media Express”.

I´ve been trying to capture them in Media Express as described in the pdf/manual but no luck.

I´m working with @elliots)) awesome contribution ((contribution:vvvv.nodes.decklink, and some people seemed to have had this card successfully working. With this plugin I only get one stream on “bmdVideoInputFlagDefault” on the flags-enum. When I change to “bmdVideoInputDualStream3D” I only get black.

Is there some hack I don´t know about?
Thank you all