Problem with quads and z-axis

I encountered a problem with my patch, which I can’t seem to resolve and i hope someone could help me. This is the patch Please excuse its quality, i’m kinda new to vvvv.

my patch is basically a quad, transformed into a matrix of quads using a linear spread pluged into a linear spread for every dimension (X and Y). this image shows where the grid magic is done

Then i am randomly applying a Z-axis translation to every quad, which is supposed to make some quads move forward and some backwards. To make this translation visible, I used a camera patch with perspective, plugged in at the bottom of patch.

My problem:
As i marked on the image even if a patch is moved closer to the “camera” - in front of other quads, lower quad is always rendered in front of it.

I think the cause of problem might be somewhere in the part where i plug spreads into spreads, because when i switch Y and X transforming spread, the quad that always stays on top is the left one.

I will appreciate any idea :)

its just the depthbuffer you have to enable. have a look with inspektor (ctrl+i) on the renderer.

there is also a node to creat such grids, its called Cross (2d) have a look at its helppatch.

it works, thanks a lot :)

Again, why isn’t this turned on by default? we get this question every few months…

we worked on this once, but there is more to it than meets the eye. don’t lose your hope… ;)