Problem with LFO period and Leap

Hello guys,

unfortunately I have a stupid problem that I can’t solve.

My goal is to change the value of “period” LFO ( 1.0000s to 0.0010s ) using the y -axis movement of the hand with the LeapMotion.

I can connect the two functions, but the value in the " period" is the same as the spatial coordinate on the y- axis, I can not define it in 1.0000s and 0.0010s.

This would allow me to check the exact LFO “period” through the hand movement.

If anyone could help me I would be really grateful!

the map node is correct. now set its Destination Minimum to 0.001 and its Destination Maximum to 1. then set its Source Minimum and Source Maximum to whatever physical range you want to control the speed with. also set Mapping to Clamp in order to stick to exactly the destination min/max you specified. that should be it!

another note is that I don’t think a period of the LFO of 0.001 makes much sense, that would be 1000Hz so unless you set the framerate of vvvv much higher than 1000fps, it will be random values.

A more normal rate wuld be to go to 1/30 for 60 fps or 1/60 if you run 120fps

Thanks a lot, Joreg!