Problem with Irrklang

Hi all,
I made a patch and I want to track 7 Fiducial in it. And every Fiducial has a sound with Irrklang.
With first 3 sound every things are ok. But with 4 last sound , filestream is red by opening and plays no sound with this Fiducials.
I tested it. By 3 last Fiducials is the problem in number of sounds. Because when i reduced 2 sounds, 5th and 6th sounds became ok.
By 4th sound I couldn’t realize the problem.
I attached The patch . Can any body help me?
Thanks a lot

amy weinhaus.v4p (70.7 kB)

hei zrnots,

if you encounter a problem like this it is best to try to isolate the individual components to get a clearer picture.

you should realize that tracking the fiducials and playing sounds via irrklang is totally unrelated. therefore if you suspect a “problem with irrklang” you should not include the totally unrelated fiducial part in your patch to demonstrate that problem.

please take the time and remove everything from your patch that is unrelated to the playback of multiple sounds. that will hopefully give you/us a better understanding of the actual problem.

also i note in your patch that you’re using the filestream node 5 times instead of using one and spreading it (which most of the times is preferred).

Many thanks for your help, I have done what you said and the problem is fixed :)