Problem with fugstream plugins when switching fullscreen/windowed

i’ve a sending machine with resolume (TCP sending)

receiving is ok in another machine with vvvv

everytime i go in fullscreen, it is losing connection to the stream, no stream is displayed anymore
i have to ALT+rightclick freeframe node to bring the stream back

if i connect “onopen+toggle” to fullscreen pin of renderer, it works, but it is losing connection to the stream if i go in windowed mode

is it normal? any idea?
is switching between fullscreen and windowed possible while keeping the stream alive?

if i recall correctly it is normal for the connection to be lost during switching between fullscreen and windowed. there is not even anything i could do about it. on the otherhand it could just reconnect after the mode has changed. if it doesn’T it could be also a fugstream bug.

have you tried using UDP instead? it should be the first choice for video-transmition anyway and could fix the problem as it won’t rely on a connection.