Problem with CreateNode

Hello, im using catweasels patchswitcher. Everything works fine. Just sometimes im getting errors. I cannot recreate them so it`s really hard to find out whats going on. I had the same exception as here>>

Ihave fixed that but still im getting other errors. I have added a logfile and debuggerInformation.I`m using the bass Plugin alot maybe this is making troubles??? Maybe someone can give me a hint, whats going on

Thanks alot and greetings from Vienna


debuggeroutput.txt (330.3 kB)


instead of the GetID patch you can just use the ID pin to get the id of the node to replace. thats how svvvvitcher is doing it successfully…

thanks for your help.
This doesnt solve the problem. I get the same crashes, i think the bass plugin is the problem if i delete all of them from the plugin folder, its working… Don`t know why. the bass plugins are affecting some other stuff… I think

I’ve had random tty messages from using a switch with a float rather than an integer, maybe its something like that? stick a frac node or something in to if its particluar patches that are doing it? That bug is fixed for >23 apparently…
It had me stumped for a while…


using bass in most of my patch switchers, didn’t had any problems.

Does it gives you an error message when it crashes? if yes, a screenshot would be handy :), and which beta are you using?

I would definitely avoid to have audioin/audioout inside the patch you switch tho. Better to have them out and pass the handles as inputs/outputs.

Reloading an audio context might be the problem.

Thanks for the replys.

I didn`t got any errormessage at all, most of the time the batch was just not responding any more. When i killed the processes. I got the debugger info i have posted in my first post. I tried to just put the audio out and ins outside the patch. But still it was crashing from time to time.

Greetings Robi

Mm, do you use asio or standard audio as output?

Also what bass nodes do you use? I guess Filestream and Mixer, another ones?


hey vux, sorry for the late reply

Yes we are using them aswell as the echo, flanger and cutOff