Problem with connecting file count to spread count

I’m pretty new at vvvv (big suprise) the boards and all the documentation have been outstanding here on the website. I’m creating basically an info kiosk and I want to be able to set up sub directories of images that get pulled up when clicked on. Right now the problem is that I would like to be able to use the file count pin on the directory node to connect to the spread count on the circular spread node, right now because I can’t get that to work I am stuck having 8 images since it wont update the spreadcount. Maybe the methods I am using are the fault and theres a better way? Any help would be awesome, thanks! (721.0 kB)

In the attached file above I included a set of images so your not looking at white quads.

I 've tried it and it works.

Strange … anyway I’ve attached the same patches with the connection between the 2 pins.

vvv2.rar (715.3 kB)

To get it to work you had to disconnect the transform and select functions the select activation subpatch, when I go to reconnect them I can’t get the in_out to connect to the select function, I must have forgotten to include the activation sub patch or somthing like that.

I’ve reattached with the sub patches included.

updated (790.5 kB)

without having a look into the patches i assume

will give answers to your questions.

Wow thanks, after a couple days of searching for the answer I couln’t find an answer, thanks a bunch I knew exactly where it needed to go, just didnt know what it was till now.