Problem wave02 in dualview

I have a geforce 9600gt, using the two output VGA in way dualview, in an out I put the patch in fullscreen, in the other control the patch.
all regularly works, but when I use the patch wave02:

is not any effect of water seen, according to you because?
I have also tried to reverse the two exits primary secondary.

helo paolo,

this is a known initialization problem with the device.
try starting vvvv.exe with the commandline switch
/dda 1
when you want to go fullscreen on the secondary monitor. or
/dda 0
if you want to go fullscreen on the primary monitor (which should be the default anyway and work already though…)

thanks for the suggestion
unfortunately it doesn’t work,
in modality fullscreen the patch wave02 doesn’t make the effect water, neither in the primary screen that in that secondary, in modality window only in the primary screen.

some other suggestion?

hmm…not really then.
you save the patch with the renderers fullscreen-pin set to 1 and start vvvv with /dda 1? what do you see instead of the water?

he saves the patch with the pin fullscreen to 1.
I see the black background and the dot of the mouse that it flashes but that it doesn’t create the waves.