Problem sending data from vvvv to pd (it works but not correctly)


I’m trying to send some data from vvvv to puredata, it sends data but not correctly.
In fact i’m trying to send data from an IObox with 10 Rows but the number of occupied rows is variable, some times there is one row with data, sometimes 10 etc… but the problem is that when the 10 rows aren’t displaying data, puredata, when unpacking the 10 floats, loop the rows with data in, and I would like pd to display 0 besides looped data for the empty rows.
I think my english is pretty bad, and it isn’t very clear, so I made some screenshots :)

here is the vvvv part :
click to enlarge if needed

You can see the IObox i’m trying to send (it’s from a contour box which count and calcute information from visible shapes ) the Renderer is empty cause I use snagit to printscreen and there is some probleme for printing video display. (but it’s not very important in that case)

here is the PD receiver part :

as you can see, pd display all the 10 value but loop the third ones in the other numberboxes, I would like it to display 0 (no value) in the empty numberboxes and not to loop the first values)

Is there anyway to do it (in vvvv or maybe in PD )?

here is my vvvv patch if you wanna try it.

proto_v1.1.v4p (92.8 kB)

could you post both patch because i wasn’t able to get exactly what’s your problem.

You could use the attached spread padding module I just made. Very simple.
I suppose it’s been done before though.

Pad (Spreads).zip (2.0 kB)

Hi Everybody !

first, Thanks a lot andhi, I’m not able to test your patch right now cause I got some problem with vvvv, but I looked at it and it seems to be what I’m looking for :) (I’ll try it as soon as possible)

so Here is my problem:
not related to the osc problem, but anyway : This morning when I opened my patch to work on it, I wasn’t able to move, replace, copy or delete boxes, and when I select them, Inspektor doesn’t display any information, I’m only able to edit IOBoxes content by right-clicking on them. I opened a new window and began to put boxes and all was working good, but my intial patch seems to be locked in a certain way (as if it’s not in editing mode, and that’s why I can’t test the andhi’s patch). Do you know what’s happening ? is it a bug or something else ?

Another question :
(Related to OSC this time ^^)
I got 2 computers (linked by LAN )and I’m trying to divides calculating process between them. It works very well when I send Floats stream, but I’m trying to send other kind of streams, like video streams but there is something I must miss cause it don’t works.

here is screenshots of my sending part and receiving part :

as you can see, I’m trying to send a videostream, the sending part seems to work, but I don’t know what to do with the receiving part, how to link it to the quad for example ?

also is it possible to send a directshow stream (in fact I would like to texture on the receiving computer, not on the sending one), but I don’t know either how to link the directshow stream (from the VideoIn output) to the OSCencoder without texturing it.

If anyone know something about that things, please give me a hand :)

Hi again ^^

Still working on my patch, and still didn’t find out how to send Video stream (directshow VideoIn’s output) throw an OSC, does anyone know where I can Find tutorials about OSC which may explain how to send different types of data throw OSCs ?

for the receiving part have a look at DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture String) . actually you won’t need osc in that scenario. just send the string via udp.

for streaming directshow directly look at VideoStreaming


So now, I was able to test andhi’s patch, and it works perfectly ! Thks dude :)
Thanks also joreg for VideoStreaming way, but I got some problems making it works :

in fact i’m trying my videostream via UDP port 8001 on another computer with as IP.
but I don’t manage to receive anything.
I made some screens of the sending and the receiving part :

Sending part

and the receiving (which don’t receive anything)

(I especially create a video, white screen, on after effects in 320/240 for the receiving part)
If anyone find out what is wrong in those patch, please tell me ^^

I also tried with the dynamicTexture way (an texturing before sending) but dynamicTexture box seems to only work with image, not with videostream (it says that it textures bmp, dib, jpg, tga… format)