Problem of conection some nodes

Hi all!
I install vvvv and addon patch [x32 all](x32 all).
When i open patch’s from girlpower nodes keyboard and mouse rad and don’t link in all patchs and subpatchs. But it easy to relink just double click on them and chose them again.
Also some patch like camera(transform soft image) and some effect he doesn’t find.
He find them only when i open this nodes in already opened patch.
So i need always when open any patch begining again relink and open some nodes and effects and relink. I so tired to do it again and again.
I trided on different pc, different windows 8.1 (2 different) and windows 7.
Install previous versions of addon pack.

hei noob,

this is not how it is supposed to be.

  • are you sure you got beta31.2 x86 with the corresponding x86 addonpack
  • are you sure you put the \addonpack where it belongs, ie next to \girlpower?

I coppied not addonpack dir i coppied all files from this dir