Problem loading demo patches from vvvv site


Yesterday I downloaded 10 patches from

Today I placed the patches in the freeframe folder of vvvv.
When I tried opening any of these examples none of the .dll objects appear in the patch.

Some of the patches I downloaded are:
Background Subtraction

Would you please explain how to load patches that contain .dll of .fx objects.



I guess those patches are made to work out of the box…No need to put any file into any folder to test them.

do you have the NET 2.0 Framework installed?

Gesture (2D Simple) is not a FreeFrame plugin, but a VVVV Patch. As far as I know, this also applies to Drag. Both do not contain any plugin or shader nodes, they should work straight out of the box like Desaxismundi said. It is also not necessary to put them in the FreeFrame folder of vvvv.

Sometimes .dll or .fx nodes go missing when the containing patch points to a wrong location, i.e. when it expects the shaders in your /effects folder and the plugins in your /plugin folder. This can be fixed by either putting them there or correcting the path manually in the containing patch: How To Edit Wrong Paths Quickly