Problem installing VVVV older version- renderer but no patch

I have been trying to install V4 on an older laptop: Pentium Dual core 2.10Ghz, with a nividia geforce 9650M GT video card

I opted for version 23, but when I launch a patch only the renderer appears, I can see the patch is working and is output to the renderer, but I can’t actually see the patch.

Has anybody had this problem, or suggest a solution?


please run
vvvv.exe /logstartup
and send us the result. see: commandline parameters#logstartup


Thanks, seems to have sorted itself now, so not sure what the problem was.


i noticed similar behaviour on some older machines:
once you started with /logstartup there is no startup hickups anymore.

i have s o m e older machines and really like to use them for minor things like just bringing some remote USBdevices into network.
outsourcing hardwarecommunication can help improving performance of your main-rendering-machine.