Problem: Greyscale 1394 Camera as DX11 Texture Capture


I’ve got old but usefull firewire camera (pointPrey). But i cann’t get DX11 texture from it.
VideoIn (CV.Image DirectShow) node can see it and PS3Eye. PS3Eye camera work well, but PointGrey show strips and triple image. You can see it on screen shot.

BTW. VideoIn (DShow9) work fine, but there is no DX11 output.
I just try to use DX9toDX11, but it’s bad idea. It’s work some times, but after some time not:(

I think the problem is !greyscale! camera output.

P.S. My config is vvvv_45beta33.7_x86, win7, Frefly MV FFMV-03MTM + PGRCam driver

you can use dx9todx11 texture to fix that for the moment

DX9toDX11 is a bad idea. It’s work some times, but after some time (1min or 5min) not:(

you can try to connect your videoin first to quad dx9, then to render dx9 then videotexture and only after that to dx9todx11

I know this trick. But i need right and stable decision.
When i use DX9toDX11, after 1…5min node lost texture in DX11. Maybe it’s syncronisation broblem.

BTW: DX11toDX9 works much better, but slower IMHO.

try checking TTY Renderer when texture is lost, it might report something…
that gonna be hard to fix without the device…