Problem DAE import and MeshEditor

Hi everybody,

I’m unsuccessfully trying to edit collada meshes with mesheditor…

I export my collada meshes with C4d, keeping the 1.4 version of collada export.

If I put the meshe directly in a gouraud and connect the transform pin from the meshe to the transform pin of the gouraud, everything works fine (I can select and transform all the objects I need)

The problem is that I really need to edit the mesh because I need to display the renderer on a real deformed structure.

Everything works fine with X.file but I can’t…or I don’t know…how to import multiples objects and play with transform to modify each objects separately.

Please, if somebody could help me and find a solution I will sleep better!

If put a simple patch and some of my files attached (meshes and texture UV), it will be probably simple to understand my problem.

Thank you in advance!

DAE_import.v4p (25.0 kB)
dae_x_meshes.rar (15.3 kB)
Test_c4d_uv_deform.rar (952.1 kB)