Preview in gamma skia

is there a temp target renderer + preview combination in gamma skia?


there is a TextureWindow and also tooltips and ioboxes show textures in the patch

is TextureWindow is a standard node, I can’t find it?

it is part of the VL.Stride 3d package. which i was assuming you’re using since your talking about temptargets (which is a 3d thing).

My question was related to the following setting, when working in SKIA in pixelspace, how can I tell the renderer (SKIA) to render exactly the resolution and the render window to be exactly the size, as I used to do in Beta with SetRenderer or Preview.

did you see “Normalized and pixel space” in the helpbrowser? and for setting the size, there is a SetBounds [SkiaRenderer] node.

i can’t find the setbounds (SkiaRenderer) node, gamma 2021.4.6

forgot to mention, it is available when you enable the advanced aspect.

i remember looking for a way to set just the size and not force position with setbounds and could not find a way. how to make the renderer fixed size but still move it around?

thanks, got it.

can you share a demo?

@ tgd, for still move it around, I do not have a solution

I have only tried the standard scaling and positoning of the skia render.

what doesn’t work for me is to hide the border with setwindowmode, hide and fullscreen pin but it does work.

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