Present in performance meter


I am working on a patch where i will be triggering animations and sounds using OSC from a mobile device.

These animations are PNG sequence played using the player node.

All is working great.

Problem: when i go full screen with the renderer it drops to 12 instead of 60 on the pref meter and the CYAN color goes up (present) and if i trigger more than 5 animations at a time fps drops. i understand that this is linked to the computer performance ( i7 3630QM 2.4ghz) but what can i do to make things better ? is there any tricks to make it run faster ? and what does present in performance meter means ?

thank you

have a good day

Have a look at texture documentation, “Images” paragraph.
Maybe you can reduce images resolution and convert them to dds as suggested here:
More: How to manage the renderer framerate?, about Perfmeter.