Prepare VideoInput for better Contourtracking

After a little break, I’m working on my multiple_laser_pointer_innstallation again. It will work fine if the Pointers are slow enough, but I don’t think that anyone will use it in that way. So I will have faster dots to track. The Contour Patch doesn’t like them and so it doesn’t work stable. The ID’s and Indices become crazy and a tracked Contour doesn’t have its Id for a long time.
How can I prepare this VideoInput for a better Contour Tracking. Is there a possibility to connect the closer fields to one or does anyone know how to make the little dots and lines bigger.
any ideas or other solutions for getting stable ID’s and a good VideoInput?
thx a lot

render_0003.jpg (9.6 kB)

maybe decreasing the shutter speed of the cam could help, if its possible to change that… so that that you dont get double exposures in one frame and get two or more points but a blured contour… another thing you could try is to defocus the cam slightly to get a bigger blured blob. maybe you can also try to open the aperture and decrease the contrast in your camdriver/capture card to get bigger blobs…

Thank you elektromeier for your answer, but I did all the things you say before and I have a acceptable VideoInput from my Camera. Maybe I didn’t ask the correct question.
The Input of my Cam goes through a “ColorChanger” and a “thresholding Colors” so I got this VideoInput for the Contour patch. How can I prepare this for a better tracking or get bigger blobs to become stable Id’s from this patch?