Preloader Helppatch

Hi devvvvs,

since we noobs get confused as nothing happens in the renderer, please note that the directory …\girlpower\images in the inlet of the + (String) inside the Preloader Helppatch does not exist.
The correct directory would be …\lib\assets\images.

Ah, and there’s also a Tarnsform In in ToggleButton (GUI)


EDIT: Here is the Helppatch with fixed dir.
After deleting _modified text in the name, one can now substitute the native Helppatch in vvvv_45beta27\lib\nodes\modules\EX9.Texture with this one, making the whole thing better and working.


Preloader (EX9.Texture) help_modified.v4p (13.8 kB)

thanks. all fixed.