Predefined Spread?

Hey there,

It’s funny that I didn’t do that before but today I asked myself if there is an easy way in vvvv gamma to make a predefined spread of specific values and specific size like it was so easy in vvvv beta like in this pic:

Or do I have to go manually over the process of filling an array with Add(Spread)?
Because when I unplug the io box the Spread isn’t stored in it anymore…

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you may bump this missing feature e.g. here:


ok so then at the moment there is no way. dayum^^ I commented under your post 👍

just to clarify: what motzi means is that disconnecting an IOBox from upstream doesn’t copy values as it did in vvvv beta, but you can still manually fill an IOBox, see: IOBoxes | vvvv gamma documentation

In that case this feature would be worth a bump.