Pre-fill simple math operators with numbers

Quick idea:

A lot of patching includes using basic math operations like + - * / and a very large percentage of those are very basic operations like -1, +1, /2, 1/, etc. I find it incredible slow to create the math operator node, then go back to the mouse, click on the pin I want to change, go back to keyboard and the enter value.

I am using Grasshopper a lot and there they have this clever way, where if you double-click and type for example “+1” it will create a plus node and the second pin will have 1 as its value. Same with typing “1/” you get a divide node with 1 pre-filled in the first pin. It works with any number before or after a basic operator.

Its so much faster to do it that way and I always wished that it was like that in vvvv.

If you are patching pretty much all day every day, thats a lot of time saved and there is no reason why it CANT work like that. Once you experience it in another tool it will always bug you that its more difficult in another.

Along those lines I also think that creating comments could still work in cases where it doesn’t recognize a valid pattern in the style of either Number+Operator or Operator+Number. Also there could be something that will always create a comment, like “//+1” would be a comment of “+1” rather than a plus node with 1 in the second pin.

Thanks for considering.

Have you tried patchbox?

Holy shit, that’s awesome and solves a few other things as well!

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