Post tweets with Twitter API

I just create this post to upload a patch related to a question about how to post tweets via the twitter-api-1.1-authentication-and-request Twitter API by soundreactor.

Does someone know?


twitter_application_only_authentication(Help)-update2.v4p (29.6 kB)

hey tekcor,

i did this plugin for a project which allows to auth, post tweets and search.
Its based on tweetsharp.
However i didn’t find the time yet to clean it up and seperate it in different parts (auth, post, search etc.).
So for now its one large ugly plugin.

You should be able to easily post tweets with it however, without the need to build the json stuff yourself.

sources are here: (354.5 kB)

ethermammoth, thanks, that works perfectly.
vvvv is getting my PR agency now

thanks for this great useful plugin.
here are the steps again for someone who hasn’t registered a twitter app before. this is how it worked for me:

  1. go to, login with your twitter account and click ‘Create New App’
  2. type in a Name, Description and Website
  3. go to the ‘API Keys’ tab and copy the API key and API secret
  4. paste the API key and API secret to the ‘Consumer Key’ and ‘Consumer Secret’ inlets of the Twitter plugin in vvvv and bang the ‘Ath App’ inlet
  5. go to the twitter application settings again, refresh browser and check if you reveived an Access token and Access token secret. copy those two and paste them in the according inlets of the twitter plugin. bang ‘Verify Token’
  6. both outlets ‘Is Athued’ and ‘Is Logged In’ of the twitter plugin should be active now. if not repeat steps 4 + 5
  7. now you can use all twitter functions witht the plugin like search and send tweets and post images.

Danke ethermammoth.

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yes, thanks you two!

Little update.

Added to search / tweets: profile pictures and embedded images.
Still no time to break it up in more parts / cleanup. Think when im not flooded with projects i’ll update the whole thing so it outputs json stuff instead, since the tweetsharp is deprecated. (403.6 kB)

Hm. But. ?

What if I don’t need or want to search anything? In fact, I just need to get the status updates from one single user who may _or may not_use a specific hashtag.
I am now looking at some many lines of OAuth Signing Results but can’t see how those relate to what the (great!) plugin enables me to do. Or how I can construct something to eventually end up with an XML.

There’s the suggestion of Drupal in another thread but - for reasons - I can’t use a middleman-database solution.


edit: Nevermind & solution was outside of the plugin.
Twitter -> Parse to RSS -> XML.