Possible To (Selectively) Sabotage Windows Speech Recognition?

I’m specifically looking to disable its system tasks / operations, like opening the start menu, closing windows etc…

So that I can use the Speech (String) node in peace :D

Any advice related to getting speech recognition of any kind to work in vvvv_50beta38.1_x64 very much appreciated! Doesn’t need to be very accurate :D

@M3W5, maybe try this?

@Hadasi Thanks for the suggestion!

Is it compatible with 50beta38? I tried it while I was looking around but couldn’t get it to work outside of Gamma :P

Admittedly I haven’t tried it with Beta 38. If you could get it working in gamma you could maybe bridge the processes with OSC or Rabbit? Not a neat workaround, though. I don’t like to ask but is there anything holding you back from updating to Beta 39?

@Hadasi I just re-installed it to remind myself why I passed on it last time (something wasn’t working, I’m pretty sure…) but things look like they’re running well now :P

Tried the Speech node in VL and it looks like its working :D

Couple things I still need to try out but feeling optimistic! Thanks!

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