Possible to make an automatic camera editor extension with VL.Lang?

I want to make a editor extension that allows user to program a nice damper camera movement (pan/zoom) on the gamma UI.

Usecase is you are making a video or livestream of vvvv patching and the audience doesn’t have to watch your inelegant human scrabbling as you scroll and zoom around the patch.

I imagine to use the Frame layout elements to set the areas you want the camera to pan/zoom to.
I also plan If the user does a manual camera movement to immediately break automatic movement and give control back to the user.

I had a look at VL.Lang and the HDE examples but I couldn’t see anything obvious that would help achieve this.

In the VL API is there any way to:
-Set the editor UI camera?
-Get user mouse key input on the editor window so I would know if the user is trying to take control of camera?
-Get the position, size & name of Frame layout objects on a canvas?

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