Possible pairs from a spread of coordinates?

Hey, first post, so just want to first say very big thank you to the devs and to VVVV community. Love it!!

I’ve had a problem that I thought was very easy, but I can’t seem to come up with the solution:
If I have a spread of coordinates, how can I extract each possible combination? Without having doubles?

To put another way,
for 2d coordinates A,B & C

I want to get the pairs:

Hope that makes sense :)

a Cross (2d) for each component of the vectors.

Thanks tonfilm. Not quite getting it though I’m afraid. I’ve been trying to use cross(2d) from the start, but I am missing something. Here is my question in patch form.

Cross2d_Question.v4p (7.8 kB)

If you connect an IOBox (value) to the cross node, you will see you can NOT make a line with that sequence off coordinates!!

If you change the order with Swapdim, the Line node understands a bit better what you want.

Cross2d_Question2.v4p (14.9 kB)

Cool, I see what you mean. I still can’t figure out how to get the spread that I want, but will keep trying.
Seems like if I want to avoid doubles, I still need to do some sort of other indexing or something?

For a spread of 4 points:

I want to get a spread of 6 pairs of those points:


Or in the patch, to have every quad connected to all of the others.

Any hints as to which nodes might be used for this?
Ta :)

I managed to patch it, this is exactly what I want, but the method is not pretty :P

If anyone could show me how to do this more simply with cross or anything else that would be swell.

Quads_Joined_Nasty.v4p (20.2 kB)

might be that i’m missing something, but could you be looking for ConnectAll (2d) ?