Porting processing resources to vvvv

hello guys!
question: is it possible to use or to port some of the processing resources inside vvvv? I would be particularly interested on using some of their libraries.
In the past I have ported processing material to Jitter and Cinder so now i am wondering if vvvv can also join that club and how (i know there are some c# templates, are any of those a good starting point?).



of course. should be trivial in many cases, harder in others. after reading through dynamic plugins you start with one of the templates you see fit and come back here with specific questions you hit. good lukc.

I am checking the templates now, pretty straight forward. Just one question:
is there a method to update the state of our variables. As I am looking at the templates there is an Evaluate method that contains the Update() function, which I assume is where states are updated, am I correct? It seems Evaluate only works when the pins of the application are modified, is there anything like an infinite loop (pretty much like the update() function in Cinder)?


you can set the autoevaluate property in a way, so the plugin evaluates every single frame, no matter what pins are connected or set.

concerning autoevaluate see plugininfo attributes

sweet, thank you guys!