Porting DX9 modules into DX11

Dear all,

let’s port all the DX9 modules into their bright DX11 future.
I’ve created a page with an Overview of what is done so far and what is still waiting:

DX9 modules missing in DX11

Please post your modules here or pullrequest me, and let me know if you’re starting to port one of the modules, I’ll update it on the page.

Have a nice weekend!

that CameraPreview (Transform DX9)

also camera collada from old loader works pretty good, but i have to keep DX9 nodes on to acess it.

CameraHelper (DX11).v4p (9.8 kB)

… no text …

SecondLook (DX11 Softimage).zip (6.4 kB)

I’ve made an Axis and Grid for my purposes. It’s not as detailed as the DX9 Version, but for it was sufficient. I can’t program, otherwise I’d love to help.



axngrid(DX11).zip (4.0 kB)

Bummer… just saw that Axis and Grid is already done… hrm


@antokhio: thank you for the CameraHelper (which will be the CameraPreview). But what do you mean about the Camera (Transform Collada)?

@reaktant: cool. even with the helppatch! thank you, I’ve just commited it.

@drehwurm: thank you anyway!

Best wishes,

there is option to switch off EX9 but u can’t acess ColladaFile node anymore…
anyways using that once while but DX11, support for ColladaFile might be good in some ways, i like assimp nodes, but if i need animation and camera old collada file nodes working better so i have to end up with some hybrid old collada and assimp nodes

Hi Antokhio,

ok, I see. Thank you.


Would also love to add PDF Texture to list…