Porting c# from a beta plugin to gamma

I got this error again, when I tried adding to your c#, I have vs2022 installed. Maybe I just need to install net8? I thought vl was on 6 though. As it was supplied your plug worked perfectly though

hm, i never installed .NET 8.0 sdk explicitly. i do, however regularly update visual studio via the visual studio installer. there i have the .net-desktop development workload is selected. and windows software tells me, .net8 runtime is installed through visual studio.

also i (unfortunately) got lured into upgrading to win 11. not sure, if that’s the difference…

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I’ve been avoiding that, I do have updates on (at the moment)
Thanks for your help though :) it looked nice and clean, i hoped I might stretch my self and try and code it. But fallen at the first hurdle!