Popup (Modal) flags only applied if Closing channel is set


I’m updating the Launcher to the latest VL.ImGUI, and noticed the Has Close Button input on the Popup (Modal) was replaced with a Closing channel that has to be set for the button to show up. Okay.

But it looks like flags are not taken into account if this Closing channel is not set.

To repro, open the attached document :

  1. Even though the flag is set to NoTitleBar, the title bar is there
  2. Now connect the lonely Channel node to the Closing input : the flag is now taken into account

Also, it’s a bit weird to have this Close Clicked output always there even though the region might not have a close button at all if the Channel is not connected.

Voilàvoilà, thanks in advance!


popupclosingchannel.vl (10.2 KB)