PolyLine, several contours


i´m working with the PolyLine module by Fibo, and i have maybe a stupid question.
It´s posible to draw several independent contours with diferent numbers of vertex each one.

my idea is mapping several windows of a buliding, and save the vertex info of the diferents contours in a easy way.

Thanks a lot.


I´ve solved it with a conbination of PolyLine + BuiltSpread (1 for the vectors and 1 for the vertex count of the diferent objects) and for storing i´ve used the Default node.


Hi lasal,

PolyLine was thinked as an editor, so you configure your point coordinates and store it as you prefer then you can delete the PolyLine node as your patch is ready so you don’t waste memory. If you need to modify your coordinates you put it inside a new PolyLine node, do your adjustement, and store it again.

Any hint/feedback to improve the PolyLine is vvvvelcome.


Hi Fibo,
PolyLine is very usefull, it´s very good thinked ;)