Polyline output to DX9/DX11 renderer


I have created a simple SVG patch using polyline, and wanted to output to a dx11/dx9 renderer, I cant see equivalent node to do this, is there a workaround anyone can help with?

polylinesvg.v4p (11.4 KB)

There is the node SVGTexture(EX9.Texture) that you can use to render a DX9-texture from the SVG-Renderer. Are you aware of this one?

polylinesvg_dx.v4p (16.5 KB)

Thanks Motzi, the SVG texture node solves the problem, but the dx11 texture node shows a blank renderer, I can still use it with a DX9 renderer though and I think this should be fine. C

does your dx11 renderer/preview stay blank in the example i posted above?

you need to send the SVG texture to a renderer first and can only then retrieve it via DX9toDX11 to use it in the DX11 ecosystem…

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