Polygon unfold --> HELP! *patch attached

Hey Guys!

I was just experimenting with a cylinder res(3/1).

My goal is to having the object unfolded, polygon by polygon.

It works half the way already, as i managed to reasamble the mesh-indicies in a way that the object can be unfolded.

when i want to apply this transform to the vertex buffer ( the only point in chain where i can animate smoothly ) it doesn’t work.

I would be glad, if anyone could help

*please unpause the lfo to see the animation

patch (24.2 kB)

Hi Neptu,
i didn´t take a look at your patch but maybe this could be useful.



Hey lasal,

thanks, i´ve been playing around with the unfold node already.

as far as i understood it, it transforms 3d models into a 2d plane cutable pattern.

what i attend to do is an animation wich uses unfold more like an fx.
starting with one triangle polygon out of wich a second unfolds etc.

imagine taking a quadratic piece of papaer and folding it into an triangle.

thats step 0.

unfolding it again would be step 1.

this continues until the mesh is “unfolded”

do you have any clues? is this possible with “Ufold (3d)”?
Would be a great help!

i cleaned up the patch and tried to state my problem more clearly.

hope someone knows the crack.

have a nice one

polygon unfold problem.v4p (17.6 kB)

okay, i found the solution.

big up to lasal for the inspiration!

if anybody is interested, the patch is attached.

polygon unfold problem_resolved.v4p (18.2 kB)

looks good, thanks for sharing the solution!