Polygon equivalent in Stride/Fuse

Is there an easy way to make lines in Stride/Fuse like polygon in Skia?

I think there is an experimental node called line with takes a Spread of vectors and colours:


Where do you find this line node? I can’t find it even though I have enabled advanced and experimental.

It’s in Stride.Models and you have to enable Experimental nodes … I’m using 2021.4.5, no idea when it got added

I can’t find Stride.Models, it is not on nuget and does not come up in the node browser


What does happen for you when you do this?
You got to have Stride.Models, in there is even the simple Box.
Are you maybe using Fuse only and haven’t referenced Stride itself?

it would be this one in your screenshot:

yep, got it now

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