Points2vector in 3D?

Help! I’m trying to have a cylinder out of 2 points. I mean, I have 2 (3D) points in the space and I wanna join them with a cylinder.
The center is easy, and the lenght too… but what about the rotations?

I think I can use 3 time Points2vector, but I don’t know enough goemetry to do it! Perhaps I’m wrong, and the solution is even easier…

someone can help me?

you can clamp something together using Polar (3D)

So I clamped something up using polar… I have needed this on a couple of occasions.

Points2Vector (3D) (4.0 kB)

That’s it! Thank you bro’

you are very welcome, thanks for the push to get me to actually make a module.

Now I just need to remember how to contribute it on the “new” website, a pointer from some of you more frequent contributers?