PointEditor frustrations


Has anybody else spent anytime with the PointEditor3d(persisent)? I’m finding it really buggy when changing the input mesh. Even just switching from a default sphere, teapot and box seem to give unpredictable results.

Sometimes a mesh will load perfectly and then sometimes the same mesh is just exploded. I’ve tried all of combinations of load, save, reset and changing the pointeditor ‘write’ file name.

I’d really appreciate hearing about anyone else’s work flow and procedure with this node.

Ideally I want to have a patch where I can load in new geometry based on what I’m projecting on, then adjust the points on the fly and save the configuration.

It’s a very DEEP node, so I’m not really sure what’s going on under the hood.

btw…I’m texture mapping onto real world objects…and exporting geometry to the x format from maya.


yes, i had similar issues, before i started customizing the PointEditor3d

two hints:

  • replace the xfile-node with the collada plugin which seems to behave more stable.

  • short-wire the built-in reset to some keyboard command if you run into trouble

mmm…some good hints…thanks so much. I’ve just been reading through the collada documentation, it looks much more robust than the x format.

I’ll post again when I get it working.