Pointeditor Collada UVs

Hi Together

Im pretty new in vvvv, since one week ago i started to plug those boxes.
and i really like it!

So how comes, i started to play around with Collada/Xfiles and got some
problems with them. i don’t understand exactly how .x files handle UVs
because they look somehow trashed. what are your suggestions, how did
you export 3d files for vvvv . i tried with soft image and also with C4D.

The other Problem i got is the pointeditor it tears apart my points,
i try to move a corner where three triangles come together but it moves
just one corner. in some .x files its working as i expected, but i could not find
the setting i changed?
i played around with all the different helpfiles and was searching in the forums,
but could not find enough infos.
has anybody here some tips for me,

thank you all

Blender does a good job both with Collada and xFiles

That s because of the way triangles are created/read and how you export, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangle_strip, in your case you can just tag all overlapping vertices at the same time and you are good to go.


thank you for your answer.

i tried with blender, its the same thing, in all the exporter dialogs i could not set a strip (or similar option).
Of course its working with tagging all vertices and then move them, but i just liked the style of moving
them together with the “M” without selecting and so on. its somehow a workaround.
btw, interesting wiki page thanx.

is it possible to display somehow the UVs in a render window or similar?

many thanx